Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Rare Flower Makes a Welcome Comeback

Marsh Gentian. Photo: Bernd Haynold, Wikipedia

Marsh gentian, a rare flower of damp heathlands, had not been seen in Wirral for around 10 years. We are delighted that it flowered again this year in its old haunt on Wirral Ladies Golf course. Maybe last year's appallingly wet weather had one benefit after all! Marsh gentian also used to grow on Thurstaston Common, but no-one has seen it there since about 1989, when an experimental re-introduction failed. There are no recent records for marsh gentian anywhere else in Cheshire. Damp heathland is a habitat that has suffered much destruction over the last century, by drainage, agriculture and development. However, the marsh gentian is obviously able to come back from seed in the soil, so keep your eyes open on wet bits of Thurstaston Common next summer.

Hilary Ash

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