Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hungry Hedgehogs

Mike Griffiths photographed this hedgehog in his garden in Willaston on 21st November, and found another the next day. Probably these are young ones who have not put on enough fat to be able to hibernate.

The advice from the hedgehog charities to anyone finding a hedgehog wandering around in winter, when they should be in hibernation, is to feed it puppy food and water, and get in touch with the charities. Contact numbers are:

Claire Williams in Wallasey on 0151 201 5172 or 07923 830733

Chester Animal Rescue in Wrexham on 01978 810 994

RSPCA in Nantwich on 08704 427 102

Caroline Howe in Neston on 0151 353 8043 or 07843 434 071

Mrs Walkden in Little Sutton on 0151 339 2922

Mike says, "I took the smaller hedgehog to Caroline Howe in Neston. When I asked how many she was caring for, she wasn't sure but it could be between 150-160. WOW! She does it all with no recompense and would be grateful for any cat/puppy food, wet wipes or anti-septic creams anyone might be able to spare. She has three sheds and her spare room is full of hedgehogs. So impressive."

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