Wednesday 29 September 2010

Overchurch woodland saved

Jean and her team have asked us to pass on the good news to all the people the appeal went to. A tremendous effort by local people has raised over £34,900 and the decision of the public meeting was to pursue an agreement with the Woodland Trust, so that the Woodland Trust would hold the land but it would be managed by a local group, similar to the Friends of Storeton Woods.

Because Jean doesn’t have all the contacts, and some donations have been sent in anonymously, she has asked us to send out the great news and a massive thank you for what everyone has achieved in such a small space of time. There is to be a follow-on meeting on Wednesday 20th October at the Overton Community Centre at 7 p.m.

‘Many thanks again and congratulations to everyone’ Jean

Botanical Recorders at work

Voluntary botanical recorders have been doing a survey on Wallasey Golf Course SBI. This photo shows them busily engrossed in identifying a plant that turned out to be Fool's Parsley. It fooled them by being rather shrivelled after the salt-laden gales of the previous week.
Thankyou to Ron Warne for the photograph.

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Wildlife Quiz

The latest Wirral Wildlife Prize Quiz is now running. The price per entry is 60p and copies of the quiz may be purchased at our meetings or obtained by sending a stamped addressed envelope with your 60p payment to:
Wirral Wildlife Prize Quiz, Lindisfarne, 25 Park West, Heswall, Wirral, CH60 9JE

There are 21 clues. The first 7 clues lead to the name of a bird; the next 7 are other animals; and the rest are places in Wirral where you might find wildlife.

The closing date for receipt of completed entries is 31st January 2011. The prize for the winner will be a gift voucher value £10.00. The judges’ decision in all cases is final. The name of the winner and the answers will be published in the newsletter of Wirral Wildlife. All the proceeds from this quiz will go to Wirral Wildlife.

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Save the bat roost

We have heard about an appeal relating to part of Overchurch Park Woods SBI, which is adjacent to the western end of the J2 spur of the M53. It is SBI because it contains bat roosts in trees; Noctules, Pipistrelles and Brown Long-eared. Most of the SBI is owned by Wirral MBC, but part was originally Scout land and recently has been owned by a developer, who put it up for auction on 9th September 2010. Local people, desperate to protect the land, have managed to win at auction, and now need to make up the funding. Please read what they have to say:

"We would like to make you aware of some developments in our local area, namely the sale of the woodlands that run alongside part of the Upton By-pass to behind the Overton Community Centre. These Private Historic Woodlands were auctioned on 9th September 2010.

Many local residents had concerns that these woodlands may fall into undesirable hands, the woodlands becoming damaged and Anti-Social Behaviour occurring causing great fear and distress that the general peace and serenity of our area may have been adversely affected. So Volunteers from Friends of Warwick Park and Overchurch Residents Association worked quickly to spread the word to residents and have worked together to find a solution to a potential problem at very short notice.

Since last Monday more than £16000 has been pledged by local residents of Upton, who felt that the risks were too high if we didn’t attend the auction and attempt to purchase the land. At auction we purchased the land at a cost of £28500 plus legal fees. We are now keen to raise the rest of the funds required as if we are unable to pay within 28 days of the auction the land will be sold to another bidder.

The generosity and pride in our community has been overwhelming and we need to work together to ensure the safe future of this woodland.

If you have questions about why we are doing this or would like to make a DONATION please Ring Jean on 07762641297 or via email

Please help us to raise the rest of the money needed to secure our historic woodland or who knows who will buy it or what may happen?

All previous and new donators are invited to attend a meeting at Overton Community Centre (160 Royden Road, CH49 4RH) on Wednesday 15th September at 7pm to consider the future management of the woodland.

New donations can be made by ringing the above numbers or at this meeting on Wednesday. All donations are greatly appreciated (receipt will be given).

Cheques should be made payable to “Overton Community Centre” and have your address, contact number & name written on the back.