Thursday 8 October 2009

Apple Weekend

Another successful Apple Weekend with our annual events at Brimstage Hall and Eastham Country Park.

Lots of tasty local apples to sample...

The return of the 'Longest Apple Peel' competition...

For more pictures see the slideshow on the events page of our website.

Tuesday 6 October 2009

Elephant Hawk Moth

After the success of our moth night, Fay Samuels has sent us some of her photographs of an Elephant Hawk Moth throughout its life cycle.



Beautiful moth...

Saturday 3 October 2009

National Moth Night - update

David, our Events Organiser, has sent this species list following the moth night event.

Wirral Wildlife: Moth Night Event - Friday 18th September 2009 at Claremont Farm, Bebington (SJ325826)

Species List

Lamp on sheet

New Zealand apple moth E. postvittana - 11
Marbled Carpet C.truncata - 7
Satellite E. transversata - 1
Large Yellow Underwing N. pronuba - 13
Common Wainscot M. pallens - 8
Setaceous Hebrew Character A. c-nigrum (Xestia) - 9
Grey Pin Carpet T. obeliscata - 4
Centre-barred Sallow A. centrago - 1
Angle Shades P. meticulosa - 3

MV lamp

Blastobasis lignea - 2
Copper Underwing A. pyrimidea - 3
Flame Shoulder O. plecta - 1
Silver-Y A. gamma - 5
Smoky Wainscot M. impura - 1
Rosy Rustic H. micacea - 3
Shuttle-shaped Dart A. puta - 2
Red-green Carpet C. siterata - 2
Square-spot Rustic A.xanthographa (Xestia) - 3
Frosted Orange G. flavago - 1
*Oak nycteoline N. revayana - 1
Lesser Yellow Underwing N. comes - 3
N. fimbriata - 1
Peronea variegana/ Hedya nubiferana
Clepsis consimilana/ unifasciana Duponchel

Oak nycteoline

A total of 24 species.

* New species to Alan Creaser and new to grid reference SJ38.