Sunday, 27 March 2022

Wirral's Wild 50: April Worksheets

Here are the Wirral's Wild 50 activity sheets for April. Look for more signs of spring and learn all about bees.

April activities
April activities

Things to do in April

Look for swallows returning, young rabbits, wild garlic and bees

Learn about migration

Find out which wild plants can be used for food or as medicine

Learn how to identify 3 different bees

Find out why bees are an important part of the ecosystem

Do a bumblebee survey


1.  Migratory bird wordsearch

2. Bumblebee Conservation Trust lots of resources

3. Bumblebee facts

4. Spring bees guide[09042020].pdf

5.How do bees see?

6. Pollination

7. How bees use static electricity to collect pollen

8. Do a bumblebee survey

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