Thursday, 15 July 2021

The Gates Are Coming Home

Gates to be constructed at New Ferry Butterfly Park
Gates to be constructed at New Ferry Butterfly Park

A lot has happened since New Ferry Butterfly Park’s Silver Jubilee Gates design was drawn up in January 2020 by Edd Snell of Above Zero Landscape Architecture.

Being an ambitious project, it has taken nearly 18 months, involving several funding applications three of which were unsuccessful but others were winners. Due to Covid the gate costs have risen and the Park’s income has fallen. So with support from several funding sources - New Ferry and Port Sunlight Community Fund, Wirral Wildlife, The Duchy of Lancaster, Wirral Farmers’ Market Community Fund, Poulton Hall Walled Garden Trust and the recent online public Crowdfunder appeal, our goal his finally been achieved. The first physical steps in realising this project have started this week with the post’s foundations being dug out and strengthened and a start made on the brick pillars by Dunkil Developments Ltd.

There is still a way to go. Once the brick pillars are constructed they will be left for five weeks to allow the pillars to set. Whilst this happens, the final measurements will be taken by Flintshire Fabrications Ltd to make sure the bespoke gates will fit perfectly. Also accurate measurements can be taken for the three decorative tiles inset into each of the brick pillars. These tiles will reflect six separate features you can find in the park. The dimensions of the ceramic tiles need confirming, so that they fit in with the mortar in the brick work in an aesthetically pleasing manner. These bespoke tiles will be fired by Neil Glendinning of Canal Warehouse Workshops Chester and will be painted by Pam Sullivan who created our wonderful Welcome Board. This team of talented people has been carefully coordinated by Edd Snell.

Presently, there are temporary gates at the Park entrance and the Park will remain open as usual throughout the works. It is hoped the gates will be up by the end of the Butterfly Park open season in mid-September ready for a grand opening on Sunday 1st May 2022. Thanks to all our sponsors big and small who have enabled this project to go ahead.

Paul Loughnane

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