Thursday, 27 May 2021

No Mow May

Were you one of the people who ditched your mower in May?

What plants did you find in your lawn? Were you surprised?

I was thrilled to find goldfinches and greenfinches feeding on the seeds from dandelions.



Wirral Borough Council has been taking part in the No Mow May campaign and stopped mowing in general grass areas in parks. The grass areas in parks will be left from the end of April until the middle of June. Pathways will be cut through the large grass areas to provide walking routes, and borders will be cut surrounding existing pathways. Multiple signs have been erected where possible at each site to explain the benefits of leaving areas to grow to provide opportunities to encourage wildflowers to grow thus attracting bees, butterflies, moths and other insects. Some verges are also designated for not cutting until flowers have set seed.

No Grass Cutting to Protect Those Buzzing
'No Grass Cutting to Protect Those Buzzing' sign

At the end of May, on the Bank Holiday Weekend, join in with Plantlife’s nationwide “Every Flower Counts” survey to discover how many bees the UK’s lawns can feed. Not only will you receive your very own “nectar score” (which will tell you have many bees your lawn can feed), you’ll help them learn more about the health of the nations’ wild flowers.

And if you’re really keen and want to rewild all summer, try #LetItBloomJune and #KneeHighJuly

We are always pleased to see photographs of your lawn or your nearby verge.

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