Friday, 17 July 2020

Hooray For Our Insect Champions

Cheshire Wildlife Trust's July newsletter invites you to take action to help the decline of insects...

Together we can reverse insects' decline

Today we’re launching Reversing the Decline of Insects, a report commissioned by The Wildlife Trusts as part of our Action for Insects campaign. Reversing the Decline of Insects is a positive look at the great work that is being done across the country to stop the potentially catastrophic loss of insects and help them to recover. With examples from farming, community groups, landowners, Wildlife Trusts, local authorities and individuals we hope to inspire more people to become insect champions and make a real difference for insects!

Reversing insects' decline

Soldier beetle

It's business as usual for Cheshire Wildlife Trust, working with landowners and farmers to encourage wildlife friendly farming practices and create new habitats. This makes space for insects, helping bees, butterflies and beetles to thrive and play their glorious part in the food web.

Earlier this year, we also began discussions with some of your local Councils to see how we can support them in making positive changes to help insects recover. The Trust is asking Councils to:

• reduce their use of pesticides

• create more space for insects on their land and road verges.

Plans were delayed with lockdown but now that restrictions are easing, our work can restart. It's really pleasing to see that Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester and Wirral Borough Council are willing to work with us to help tackle insect decline. We're now able to approach other councils across Stockport, Tameside, Trafford and Warrington to ask them to take Action for Insects too.

Become an insect champion

Today's report highlights what organisations, farmers and landowners are doing to stop insect decline. We also need you in your homes and communities to act if we're to stop insect numbers plummeting.

If you haven't already, please take Action for Insects and download your FREE Guide to Taking Action for Insects at home or in the community. These free resources are packed full of top tips on how to garden organically, how to stop using chemicals that harm wildlife and how communities can take action and embrace a little bit of wildness.

FREE Guide to Taking Action for Insects

Many of you have already signed up and we love hearing how you’re getting on. A survey told us your most popular actions are:

• leaving parts of your garden to grow wild (84%)
• planting insect friendly plants (83%)
• building log pile houses and bug hotels (72%)

Share your tips

We can all learn and be inspired by the success stories of others who've stopped spraying chemicals or have changed how they plan their garden to benefit insects and wildlife.

However we know that it's not always easy. So if you have a top tip of how helping insects has benefitted the wildlife in your garden or local neighbourhood do share it with us (pictures are always encouraged).

As always, thank you for your support and stay WILD!

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