Thursday, 21 May 2020

Butterfly Park In May

Hilary has been out with her camera again to bring us photographs of the flowers at New Ferry Butterfly Park in mid May.

1. Granny's bonnet or Aquilegia. This escaped from a local garden, the pink ones are a garden form but the purple ones are reverting to the wild colour.

2. Ox-eye daisies are just coming out. This one had a male thick-legged flower beetle sitting on it.

3. Buttercups are out and this is a Meadow buttercup with a beetle. Behind it is false fox-sedge.

4.  Guelder rose in full flower providing pollen for insects now the hawthorn is fading.

5. The broom cultivar in the former demonstration garden. Bees like it just as well as the native all-yellow one.

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