Friday, 6 March 2020

Bridging The Gap

Bridging the gap between Heavy Oak and Lamperloons Coppices. Photo: Fiona Megarrell

Fiona Magerrell, Living Landscapes Officer North, Cheshire Wildlife Trust and her volunteer team bridged the gap between Heavy Oak Coppice and Lamperloons Coppice in Thornton Wood. The bridge will make it easier to get into the coppice with tools and also will make it easier to extract the coppiced crop of hedge stakes from the coppices.

Last time Lamperloons Coppice was cut, in the autumn of 2018, 464 hedge stakes were harvested. That is nearly 30 times we had to cross the ditch with the hedging stakes and finally with our tools. The bridge, made from reclaimed recycled plastic, will make it much safer and easier to cross. It will also be much easier for visitors when giving a guided tour around the wood. The next guided tour to view the ancient woodland flora is on Saturday 25th April at 2pm. This bridge was funded by money raised by the Wirral Wildlife Group, so please keep on coming to our excellent talks and buying raffle tickets!

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