Thursday, 6 February 2020

Beside The Seaside: Wildlife Quiz 2019 Answers

Fulmar, the answer to question 3. Photo: Andreas Trepte, Wikipedia

Here are the answers to the Wirral Wildlife Prize Quiz 2019.

Many congratulations to Linda Sutton of Upton who got 50 correct answers out of 50 and was chosen as the winner in a random draw from seven all-correct entries.

1Bad weather upsetting Peter, novice flyer.5, 6Storm petrel
2Spoil sheep with pasture seen in forty-seven.6, 5Marram grass
3Left mother wrapped in ermine, maybe, seen on twenty-eight.6Fulmar
4Would it stoop to demolish the green pier?9Peregrine
5Shellfish starters - bread is valuable addition - loaves very easily sliced.8Bivalves
6Pigeons fluttering over docks.4, 5Rock doves
7Fish-girls’ handbags containing new skates.8, 6Mermaids’ purses
8Holy seal flops at the top of the beach.3, 5Sea holly
9London thoroughfare with railway on twenty.6, 4Strand line
10R.W. Blackadder turned brown forty-eight.12Bladderwrack
11One of twenty-one hidden in the slim petals of sea-aster.6Limpet
12Five - part of the heart that needs warming?7Cockles
13Upset? Trust none on the shore!9Turnstone
14Forty - the queen follows good man behind world without General Electric.7Lobster
15Snowy chargers, effect of the wind.5, 6White horses
16Mammal seen in the sea, not terribly far from the shore.5Otter
17Flowers saving pennies.6Thrift
18Bounces left this scattered on nine.10, 5Cuttlefish bones
19Sea swallow, BLT maybe, with change of direction reportedly8, 4Sandwich tern
20Labour leader leaves chemical whitener beside the sea.5Beach
21Octopuses, for example, with a short time left - left you and me with tear gas.8Molluscs
22Seabird which, when it turns round ...4Skua
23... finds more seabirds.4Auks
24A thousand cockneys’ cry for assistance for forty-eight.4Kelp
25“Two-ale” Phil, when drunk, sometimes ends up beached.5, 5Pilot whale
26Horseplay, and more horseplay, for an uncommon bird.5, 4Shore lark
27Scattered leaves, and, er, flowers.3, 8Sea lavender
28Feature belonging to Dallas’s Mr Barnes.6Cliffs
29EU glass broken by one of twenty-one.3, 4Sea slug
30Explosive projectile, remains of twenty-one or forty.5Shell
31Seasonal washing powder for state of the sea.6, 4Spring tide
32Gestures of parting on the sea.5Waves
33Keep your crazy beard crisp with this forty.6, 4Spider crab
34Coastal feature swallowed by scavenger.4Cave
35One of five that accompanied the walrus and the carpenter to the bitter end.7Oysters
36Duck! Lambretta loses duck!6Scoter
37From a bird I hear the cry: “Rouse yourself, pussycat!”9Kittiwake*
38The queen, after religious holiday, finds fast flyer.5Eider
39Bird of music genre, and Philip Pirrip with it.4, 5Rock pipit
40Does Cheshire railway interchange remind you of this type of arthropod?10Crustacean
41Fruit-flavoured dessert followed by e.g. salmon - beware of getting stung!9Jellyfish
42Swimmer left at sea wasting time with balance.8Porpoise
43Could this echinoderm be the last sign of the zodiac?8Starfish
44Five that reportedly give me strength.7Mussels
45European royal dynasty cut short beside unknown river mouth.7Estuary
4616 + 30 = 46 (one of five).5, 5Otter shell
47Sweden - and nudes cavorting at the top of the beach!9Sand-dunes
48Not cold, we ceased mixing types of algae.7Seaweed
49Various tailless seabirds.6Divers
50Just one, including hospital, a feature of twenty.7Shingle

*We also allowed “KITTYWAKE” as an alternative spelling.

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