Friday, 8 February 2019

Wirral Wildlife Quiz Winner and Answers

Red Squirrel – answer to question 27 in the quiz. Photo: Peter Trimming
Red Squirrel – answer to question 27 in the quiz.
Photo: Peter Trimming

The judging for the 2018 Wirral Wildlife Prize Quiz is complete and I am pleased to announce that the winner is:

Helen Smith of London.

A total of 20 entries were received, and of these three got all the questions right.  Helen Smith was selected in the random draw; the other two with full marks were Mrs Enid Bradshaw of Gayton and Shirley Miller of Neston.

I would like to pay tribute here to my fellow judge, Ruth Dann, who sadly passed away in December. She was the original inspiration for the Wirral Wildlife Prize Quiz and was a great help in carrying out the judging in all previous quizzes. Tony Hailwood has agreed to join me in judging future quizzes.

The answers to the 50 questions are given below.

John R Gill
Hon Treasurer, Wirral Wildlife

1Deceased departs.4, 6Dead leaves
2Singer following thirteen, one of twelve.6, 7Willow warbler
3Evil to God is criminal bloomer.3, 6Dog violet
4One of five, maybe 43’s head?6Pignut
5Wholemeal and self-raising I hear.7Flowers
6Joseph’s little brother hides instrument of torture for thirty.7Bracken
7 Welsh mother has French pains with this type of animal.7Mammals
8Carol links this with 42, intravenously we hear.3Ivy
9Golf club with dawn herald, one of twelve.8Woodcock (or Woodlark)
10Obvious feature of woodland, seen in the centre especially.5Trees
11Wooden enemy? No, wind flower.4, 7Wood anemone
12Bait rod as oddly as you like.5Birds
13One of ten is going to cry of pain.6Willow
14 Water from middle of Denbigh castle.5Brook
15Kate, or Stirling, perhaps.4Moss
16Morose head Zulu, tailless and ruffled by one of seven.5, 8Hazel dormouse
17Swinging, so hang like a tree.7, 3English oak
18One of five members of the upper house.5-3-6Lords-and-ladies
19One of twelve strict evens after thirteen.6, 3Willow tit
20She, lucky one, distilled a perfumed climber.11Honeysuckle
21Words snoop about, losing nothing in some of five.9Snowdrops
22The French chase pulverised vegetable, one of forty.6, 6Ground beetle
23Gloomy clanger, one of five.8Bluebell
24One of ten, I can hear you!3Yew
25Thirty, I leave Len Friday confused.4, 4Lady fern
26Male offspring of male sheep? One of five.7Ramsons
27Liverpool quarrel with article substituted by one, one of seven.3, 8Red squirrel
28Crust-like growths spoil niche in outskirts of Leeds.7Lichens
29A southern writer, one of ten.5Aspen
30I prefer no artificial flowers, and that includes this type of plant.4Fern
31Harry’s become calmer, not led into burrow.7, 4Badger’s sett
32Can you hear highway and sensory organ, one of seven?3, 4Roe deer
33Sulphur, one of forty.9Brimstone
34Try ’eadgear, mum, without hesitation, for one of forty.4, 4Goat moth
35I can hear wigeon calling - including this one of forty.6Earwig
36Audibly acted like a hen after midnight clearing.5Glade
37Two gallons in a sledge would reportedly find one of forty.8, 4Speckled wood
38What makes Amy score? One of ten.8Sycamore
39Little Eleanor with article in German car travelling westwards.6, 3Fallen log
40Six-footers, members of cults.7Insects
41Timber Farah employed without daughter, one of seven.4, 5Wood mouse
42Fifty involved in chopping up sacred tree.5Holly
43Owl, a bird, is confused with this one of seven.4, 4Wild boar
44One of five from planet of a beagle maybe?4, 7Dog’s mercury
45One of twelve noticed clever, feline, Goddess of Pop.7, 10Spotted flycatcher
46One of ten, tall plant follows non-domestic army or navy perhaps.4, 7, 4Wild service tree
47Cowardly Michael or Gabriel, one of five.6, 9Yellow archangel
48Some of twelve are here so keep crowd working.11*Woodpeckers
49One of five, the Spanish goes back after programming error.5Bugle
50Roosevelt carries alfresco meal.5, 5, 6Teddy bears’ picnic

* Apologies for the figure “10” that incorrectly appeared on the question sheet.

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