Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Helping Wildlife This Autumn

Helping wildlife

Some good advice from Cheshire Wildlife Trust this autumn…

You could be mistaken for feeling that there’s not much to do for wildlife in the autumn. However there are small things that you can do to even make the smallest of gardens, balconies or outside spaces better for wildlife.


1. Compost, don't burn

Please check for hedgehogs, toads and frogs before lighting a bonfire at this time of year. What we think is a pile of garden waste looks like a warm winter retreat to these creatures. Or even better – why not compost instead? It’s better for hedgehogs and worms will love it too.

Blue tit on feeder

2. Feed the birds

Put out bird food – a fat ball at this time of year can make a huge difference during the lean winter months. Put them in wire cage dispensers and not the plastic nets as birds like woodpeckers can get their tongues caught. Why not make your own using coconut shells, holes drilled in wood or even shells?


3. Get planting

Plant berrying and fruiting trees and shrubs such as apple trees, Cotoneaster (right) and Pyracantha. These plants fruit at a time when other food sources are scarce, filling the ‘hungry gap’ for birds in your neighbourhood. They also add a splendid colour to any outdoor area.

Ask at your local garden centre or plant nursery for help in chosing the right plants.

Wildlife Friendly Garden Award

Small actions make a huge difference!

Small things we do can make a huge difference to wildlife on our doorsteps! Look online for advice of how you can make your outside areas better for wildlife.

Do you have a wildlife friendly garden already? Well why not apply for My Wildlife Friendly Garden award and let your neighbourhood know that you’re taking action for wildlife? Simply look online, make a donation and apply today to get your plaque sent in the post.

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