Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Heswall Dales

Here is some breaking news about our ‘sister’ Local Nature Reserve – Heswall Dales.

Historically, Heswall Dales and what is now known as Cleaver Heath were part of a single SSSI-designated area of Lowland Heath which was also home to Cleaver Hospital. Following the redevelopment of the Hospital site itself and rescue, by Cheshire Wildlife Trust, of the Northern part of the site, the two parts have become a little separated by some intervening private residential ownership.  Nevertheless, Wirral Borough Council who own and manage the 70 acre Southern Dales site and Cheshire Wildlife Trust who own the Northern (Cleaver Heath) site face similar problems in maintaining their valuable Lowland Heath status.

 A group of Dales conservation Volunteers have now started up a Friends of Heswall Dales support group (launched at Heswall Hall on May 31) to provide focus for support activities on what is locally known as ‘The Dales’. The contact address is

The idea is to ensure that the needs, hopes and expectations of all user groups can be met and in such a way that the conservation status of The Dales is properly protected. Like Cleaver Heath, Heswall Dales is a local nature reserve whose conservation status places a statuary obligation on its owners. It is not a park or other public space where users may have different recreational priorities. We wish the Friends of Heswall Dales every success in raising the profile of The Dales and helping local users to make good and appropriate use of this perhaps under-appreciated Wirral treasure.

Heather on the Dales

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