Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Biology Week 2016: Vote For Your Favourite UK Mammal

This year a coalition of over 50 wildlife organisations completed a stock take of our native wildlife. The resulting State of Nature 2016 report concluded that it is not too late to save UK nature, but if we are to do so then we must act now. Over half of the species examined in the report have declined since 1970, while more than one in 10 species are at risk of extinction.

This Biology Week, the Royal Society of Biology is asking you to choose your favourite mammal to raise awareness of their conservation needs. There are a total of 101 different species of mammal in and around the UK. Alongside The Mammal Society and People's Trust for Endangered Species this was narrowed down to a top 10 and now it's over to you to choose the UK's favourite mammal.

Choose from water vole, red squirrel, bottlenose dolphin, Scottish wildcat, otter, soprano pipistrelle, beaver, pine martin, hedgehog or fox.

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