Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hoylake: Green Belt and Greens - Radio 4

Richard Smith, Helen Mark and Hilary Ash

Dr Hilary Ash, Hon. Conservation Officer for Wirral Wildlife, was asked to take part in the Radio 4 programme Open Country. The subject was ‘Hoylake: Green Belt and Greens’.

The details are below and the programme is available on the BBC website

Open Country: Hoylake: Green Belt and Greens
BBC Radio 4 - Thu 01 Sept at 15:02

A new golf resort has been proposed for Hoylake in Wirral. Helen Mark explores how this will affect the local green belt and the birdlife and wildlife that live there.

The programme features Cllr Gerry Ellis, Andrew Needham from the CPRE, John Hutchinson from the Hoylake Golf Resort Committee, botanist Dr Hilary Ash, Richard Smith, David Stacey, and Craig Gilholm from the Royal Liverpool Golf Club.

Some of the 2000 black-tailed godwits Richard Smith was counting (with a few Canada Geese), on the Gilroy scrape at Hoylake. The godwits stop off here on migration south after breeding, so were still in summer  plumage at the time (11 August).


  1. Such a shame that the Gilroy Scrape has been cynically drained of water in an act of environmental vandalism which will have a devastating impact on the Godwits which use the lake

  2. We were shocked to find out what has happened and are trying to find out exactly why the scrape was drained. Wirral Wildlife.

  3. The Council have now issued a statement on the draining of the Scrape.
    The statement also says that the Council have received a submission from a land investment company seeking to remove the Scrape and adjoining fields from the Green Belt with a view to developping the land for housing!!

  4. Thank you for the link to the statement. Obviously major concerns about the Green Belt.