Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Hoylake Golf Resort: Have Your Say

Many of you may be aware of the Council proposals for a Golf Resort at Hoylake. There is information at

We feel that before any decision is made it is imperative to evaluate the impact of the proposals on the wintering birds that use the area and the birds that breed there in the spring. Barn owls hunt over the area and mammals such as water voles, hares and bats are present. Botanical surveys will be needed as well as monitoring of the current populations of butterflies, dragonflies, molluscs and beetles. Large scale development could harm all of them unless proper provision is made for the wildlife.

There is a survey form at with are a few simple questions and a Comments box where you can enter what you see fit. If you want to form a response elsewhere on your computer, it can be copy-and-pasted into the comments box. The more people who express concern about the wildlife, even if only briefly, the better!

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