Thursday, 10 January 2013

Hoylake Beach

Blog readers may have seen or heard press items about the future of the beach at Hoylake, in particular whether the efforts to remove the grass should continue or not. We have put forward the case that the rising beach levels are a natural process, carrying on the accretion in the Dee estuary that has been continuous since the last Ice Age, and is getting increasingly expensive to fight.

Allowing the development of salt marsh and sand dune, as in our Red Rocks nature reserve, would benefit plants, invertebrates and Natterjack toads. It might remove a part of the feeding area for of the waders, so would not be all gain. Can people who live locally, or know the area well, please take the time to read items put up by Hoylake Village Life on the websites below? The Hoylake Village Life people are trying to stimulate a sensible conversation locally about the issue. Please join in the conversation, either on line or at public meetings organised by Hoylake Village Life.

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