Sunday, 28 October 2012

Apple Days

In October we held an Apple Day at Eastham Country Park. If you saw our tasting table display and our supply of juicing apples you might have wondered why we didn't have as many apples as in previous years.

A disastrous sequence of weather, the wettest April for more than 100 years followed by a rainy and windy June wiped out up to half of England's expected apple production. The blossom just didn't open on many of the trees and then because of the rain and wind the  bees didn't fly to pollinate those that did flower.

Despite this we held a busy event with our display and tasting table, our wooden apple press to make juice, apple recipes on sale and some children's craft activities. Mersey Morris Men delighted everyone again with their traditional dances.

A couple of weekends later we joined in with Burton Manor's Apple Weekend which was a magnificent celebration of all things appley.

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