Thursday, 27 September 2012

Seed Gathering Season

Nights are drawing in and the view from the window is changing as the leaves turn golden and the berries and seeds ripen. Are you one of those people lucky enough to look out of your window and see a tree? That tree is telling you the season is shifting; its stark, leafless form will re-enforce the arrival of winter and herald the arrival of spring as its leaves begin to open. Even in the centres of our largest cities, trees provide this link to the natural world, making them vital parts of our urban landscape. However, we can often take our trees for granted, only realising how important they were in their local landscape when the tree has gone.

The Tree Council is calling on everyone to change their view. On 23rd September, they launch the start of the tree year with Seed Gathering Season. Over the next month most of our trees will produce seeds and fruit and using this seed to grow yourself a free tree is the easiest way to literally ‘Change Your View’. Coordinated events and informal activities are taking place all over the country, but you can just as easily do it on your own. Just take a walk in town or country to collect seed to pot up and grow into small trees that can then be planted out next year.

Of course, seeds are food as well as potential trees – for humans and for wildlife. Make the most of the autumn harvest by gathering berries, nuts and fruit to eat and make into delicious autumn treats – just make sure that there is plenty left over for the creatures that depend on them to get through the winter.

If you want to be sure that you are picking the right things in the right places, there are planned events, run by The Tree Council's member organisations, its volunteer Tree Wardens and other supporters, currently taking place throughout the country. Further information, and a free poster to download, can be found on the Tree Council's website.

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