Friday, 18 December 2009

New Ferry Butterfly Park campaign update

We are delighted at the support we have received for the Butterfly Park over the last week. On Monday night, Cllr Steve Niblock was able to present a paper petition of 735 signatures to Wirral Borough Council - the first tranche, with more to come. An e-petition has topped 1300 people already.

Both petitions are still open. Find the paper one at Ben Chapman's constituency office and Andy's Aquatics in New Ferry, and the e-petition at

Hilary Ash and Michelle Stamp, who were collecting signatures outside the Farmers Market last Saturday, said "It was heart-warming how many people were eager to sign the petition. Thanks to excellent publicity from the local press, most people already knew about the campaign. We had so many supportive comments, it made up for standing in the cold!"

The Butterfly Park's monthly workday went ahead as normal last Sunday, mowing grass and coppicing hazel. The regular volunteers were joined by two Chinese students from Liverpool University, who much enjoyed themselves helping the wildlife.

Brock plc, who have ordered the closure of the Park by the end of January 2010, still refuse to comment.

Did you know?

New Ferry Butterfly Park supports:
  • 18 species of butterfly breeding on site, plus another 8 recorded as visitors
  • 60+ species of moth
  • 36 species of spider, 3 of them rare in Cheshire (it's all right, most of them hide in the vegetation and don't frighten visitors)
  • All 6 widespread species of bumble bee
  • 5 species of shieldbug including a blue one which is rare in Cheshire
  • At least 9 species of hoverfly
  • 2 ponds with smooth newts and frogs, and a good collection of water invertebrates, including dragonflies and damselflies
  • Loads of minibeasts which haven't been identified yet, especially beetles, true flies and solitary wasps

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