Sunday, 9 December 2018

A Poem penned by Ruth Dann

Paul remembered that Ruth once wrote a poem about her fellow committee members. Thanks to his good memory and efficient filing system we can share it with you.

Wirral Wildlife Committee 2006

We are glad to have Stephen as chair
He takes all our meetings with care
There may be some levity
And we are not known for brevity
But his judgements are measured and fair.

Our industrious secretary, Jim
Sets out on his bike neat and trim
With scarcely a quiver
Our news to deliver
He loyally risks life and limb.

John’s balance sheet’s always a treat
The figures so clear and so neat
He’ll pass on a nod
Bills from ‘Mother of God’
For he knows she won’t give a receipt.

A protector of barn owls is Mike
Now that is a bird we all like
He carries large poles
With large nesting holes
It’s lucky he’s not on his bike.

Keith plans our event. We’re aware
That it’s not such an easy affair
Wind farms, ponds, voles
And midsummer strolls
I just wish that more people were there.

Linda’s ideas for Watch Group are great
There’s no end to the things they create
Bird boxes, moth hats
And most life-like bats
Far nicer than what’s in the Tate.

For Paul there’s no task that’s too hard
Scything, laying hedges by the yard
He clears ponds and ditches
Without any hitches
And as far as we know still unscarred.

Our botanist Hilary Ash
Identifies plants with a dash
She knows every weed
By the shape of its seed
And its Latin name too – in a flash!

At outdoor events Frank is found
With his Frog Dip spread out on the ground
And the children all come
To inspect each frog’s tum
For they know glorious prizes abound!

Now Lesley’s main interest is Brock
She’s on duty call all round the clock
For a badger R.Cs
Not religious – but he’s
Just suffered a fatal road shock.

With Barbara as Wirral stock buyer
Our profits have never been higher
Owls pressed in the front
Hoot - and Guinea pigs grunt
While woodpecker jerks down his wire.

So let’s raise our glasses and cheer
For the hardworking folk gathered here
Though we’re sometimes hard pressed
We all do our best
So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

We really felt that we should (belatedly) attach a verse about Ruth. Our efforts are not as good as hers!

Ruth wrote this poem so clear
When 2006 was the year.
She raised lots of funds, 
Provided coffee and buns
And always dispensed lots of cheer.


Our hostess for this hard-working committee
Was Ruth, who composed this short ditty.
She welcomed us in
Her wry comments made us grin
But she’s gone now, more is the pity.


Ruth our committee meeting host for over 25 years
Was carefully listened to and esteemed by her peers
The countless stalls she ran, the money she raised
She certainly deserved much more praise
So here’s to our cheery, most cherished volunteer
She certainly made a big difference here!

Paul and Phillipa

Modest as ever Ruth left herself out
And just praised the others who met at her house.
But we beg to differ and, praise where it's due,
When it came to fundraising, she knew what to do.
But now that she’s gone, we have memories galore
Of a head, heart and mind with wildlife at its core.

Linda and Barbara

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