Wednesday, 10 May 2017

May the Force (of Nature) Bee with you

Work colleagues from the Institute Integrative Biology (IIB) at the University of Liverpool had a plant sale as part of a Sustainability Awareness Project. This was to encourage and introduce people to growing plants and to introduce the Sustainability Team. There was a tremendous range of plants including house plants, garden plants, herbs and vegetables.  

The plants were loving cultivated by IIB staff and were comprehensively labelled with full nurturing instructions by Alex Holme.  

Photograph Paul Loughnane

The plant sale was held on the green at the entrance to the Bioscience Building.  

Photograph: Paul Loughnane

It is the first time a plant sale has been held at the site and was an unknown venture. It proved to be very successful with a great response in terms of plant donations and generous plant buyers. The event raised over £550 which was truly amazing. The funds raised were donated to New Ferry Butterfly Park.

Joan Robinson, one of the Sustainability Project Managers, said “We wanted the plant sale to be a charitable event in aid of a local charity, and related to sustainability.  The butterfly park ticked all of the above boxes, with the added bonus of Paul’s connection to IIB.”

Paul Loughnane, Hon Secretary of New Ferry Butterfly Park and IIB, said “It was very generous of the sustainability group to help the park out and I hope to arrange a thank you visit to the park for the sustainably team.  The money will go towards much needed solar lighting in the tool shed.” 

Alongside the plant sale there was a display on the butterfly park and this lead to further interactions. Dr Seth Barribeau who is interested in the diseases of solitary bees donated a solitary bee home to put up at the park. With its abundance of nectar and pollen sources the park should provide an excellent location to collect samples of solitary bees.

Photograph: Paul Loughnane

Report by Paul Loughnane

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